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    ACLCA NSW held it’s Annual General Meeting last Wednesday 25th October at the offices of AECOM.  It was wonderful to have the event so well attended, with approx. 60 members joining us for the event.  No doubt the interesting presentations by Rachel Casson and Jonathon Ho from AECOM had something to do with the big turnout, so thank you once more to both of them for giving these presentations.  We are very grateful to AECOM for offering to host our AGM once again and to the wonderful AECOM staff who helped run the event on the night and organised access for all attendees.

    The Executive Committee positions were filled as follows:

    President - Amy Valentine (WSP)

    Vice-President - Eleanor Liddle (Senversa)

    Secretary - Lesley Limage (AECOM)

    Treasurer - Tim Chamber (Arcadis)

    Non-executive members:

    Nik Kontos (EI Australia)

    Stefan Charteris (GHD)

    Daniel Robinson (Ramboll Environ)

    ACLCA NSW would like to thank our outgoing President Andre Smit (GHD) for his valuable contribution to our Association over the past 6 years.  We are very glad to hear that he hasn’t discounted future involvement in ACLCA!

    Welcome to our new committee members, Stefan and Dan!  We look forward to your input and and fresh perspective over the coming years.

    The new committee will be meeting in mid-November to start planning events for 2018.  As usual, we welcome your input, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know.


    VALE TODD WIEDEMEIER (2.6.1964 - 13.7.2017)

    All of us at ACLCA NSW are extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the recent death of Todd Wiedemeier. Todd was a world renowned expert in the field of MNA and had travelled to Australia on numerous occasions to run MNA short courses for various ACLCA chapters.  He was an extremely intelligent man with a love of life and a great sense of humour.  We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends from all of us here at ACLCA NSW.


    ACLCA NSW member company, C.M. Jewell and Associates Pty Ltd, has recently been engaged by the NSW EPA to review and revise the Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Sites Impacted by Hazardous Ground Gases, originally issued in 2012.

    The review and revision have two main objectives:

    • To maintain consistency with Australian and overseas publications referenced in the guidelines that have been updated since the guidelines were originally issued (for example BS 8485), incorporate new reference material where relevant, and update the data tables where necessary; and

     • To incorporate practical experience gained by Australian consultants and public authorities in the five years since the original guidelines were issued.

    Some housekeeping issues such as broken links will also be addressed.

    Any contributions on the revision would be appreciated, particularly with regard to practical experience in the assessment and management of ground gas in NSW or Australia more generally.  Any such contribution will of course be acknowledged in the revised guidelines.

    Please reply directly to [email protected] with any contributions or suggestions. 


    Have your say on the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (PFAS NEMP)

    The Heads of EPAs Australia and New Zealand (HEPA) and the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE) are working together to develop the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (PFAS NEMP). This will establish a nationally consistent approach to the regulation and management of PFAS.
    You are invited to share your views on a consultation draft document that will inform the final PFAS NEMP. The consultation draft steps through the topics that will be covered off in the final plan and asks focussing questions that you can choose to address individually or comment on the topic generally.
    Victoria EPA is leading this consultation process on behalf of all other Australian jurisdictions.
    To view the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan Consultation Draft, and to provide your feedback, please see the EPA Victoria website (
    Member companies are welcome to provide individual submissions and ACLCA will also provide a collective response on behalf of members.