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  • 17TH APRIL 2018 Young Professionals- MEET THE AUDITORS Breakfast.

    17/04/2018 QLD

    This breakfast is coordinated by ACLCA Young Professionals Sub-committee (YPSc) and is the first of a series of "Meet the Auditors" events. (Member only event).

    SESSION A: "Auditor Conduct/When do you need one/What are they (or what should they be) looking for?"

    AUDITORS: Trevor Lloyd: Lloyd Consulting Environmental Services, Contaminated Land Auditor QLD.

                         Mark Stuckey: Environmental Earth Sciences, Contaminated Land Auditor QLD.

    This event will be a great opportunity for graduates and young professionals to gain an insight into the contaminated land industry from the perspective of the auditors and leading industry professionals. Attendees will have the chance to meet with members of the ACLCA Auditor Sub-committee (ASc) to raise questions and gain valuable industry knowledge.

    Thank you to ASc members Damien Morris, Trevor Lloyd, Mark Stucky, Marc Salmon and Christian Atkinson for supporting this fantastic initiative for ACLCA YP’s.

    Please refer to the following link to register. Member login required.


  • 2018 dates for ACLCA Qld Bi-Monthly Networking Meetings

    ACLCA Qld will be holding the next Bi-Monthly Networking Meeting Thursday 1st February 2018

    The Bi-Monthly Networking Meetings provide an opportunity for presentations workshops and forums on varied topics of interest or currency of legislation within the Contaminated Land Industry. This is a social evening, with a chance for consultants to network.

    5th April 2018 

    7th June 2018 

    2nd August 2018 

    4th October 2018 

  • EFTPOS Facilities available


    ACLCA Qld offer EFTPOS ANZ MERCHANT CARD READER facilities for payment of tax invoices for training courses, meetings and New and Annual Membership Fees.

    Transactions can face to face or over the phone payments are accepted 


    # Please note changes to surcharges apply. Current surcharge rates -01/10/2016

    A 2.3% per Visa or MasterCard credit transaction fee 

    A $0.30 Debit Card fee per Cheque or Savings transaction 


    AMEX and Diners N/A

    All querie please contact 


    Jennifer Ingham

    Executive Officer

    ACLCA Qld
    PO Box 3166 TARRAGINDI  QLD  4121

    0421 714 449 
    [email protected] /


  • Young Professionals Sub-committee 2017-2018


    ACLCA Qld Executive Committee is seeking expressions of interest for Young Professionals (YPs) to nominate for the Young Professional's Sub-committee 2017-2018.(YPSc)

    The YPSc meet 1st Wednesday of each month for an informal meeting 5.30-6.30pm at The Embassy Hotel Elizabeth St Brisbane.

    10th January 2018 

    Feb 2018 TBC 

    4th April 2018

    2nd May 2018

    6th June 2018 TBC 

    4th July 2018

    1st August 2018 

    5th September 2018 

    3rd October 2018 

    31st October 2018 TBC

    5th December 2018

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  • 2017-2018 ACLCA QLD Chapter Executive Committee