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  • Focus Areas

    We would like to welcome Rory McPhillips (Ops Manager and Senior Environmental Scientist, Atma) as our new Chairperson for the Membership and Ethics Focus Area. Congratulations Rory! 

    We are still looking for members interested in joining the newly proposed Remediation Focus Area Committee as well as joining our Occupational Health and Safety Focus Area Committee. Please contact Emily if you are interested in joining.  

  • Newsletter

    ACLCA YP Student Night - A Great Success!

    The ACLCA Young Professionals Student Night was held at RMIT City Campus on the 21st of March and aimed to give current students and recent graduates a taste of what they may encounter in their future careers. The student night attracted 75 attendees representing 4 major universities (Deakin, Monash, RMIT and Melbourne University). The night consisted of 6 presentations from ACLCA member company representatives from several disciplines and stages in their career followed by a Q&A session and some casual networking. Some interesting case studies were discussed by the group and feedback from students was very positive.

    The night would not have been possible without our sponsors for the evening: Envirolab Services Melbourne with Laboratory Manager, Pamela Adams attending the evening and giving students insight into the important role laboratories play in every facet of our work.

    The ACLCA YP Committee would also like to thank the presenters who gave up their night to help run the event. We look forward to holding this successful event again in the future.


    Backyard Chicken Coop Study – RMIT

    Do you keep chickens in your backyard?  RMIT is seeking volunteers to take part in a research project “Evaluation of pollution in chickens and the environmental surroundings in urban backyard chicken coops.”

    The project will take samples of chicken feathers, chicken eggs, chicken feed, soil, and drinking water to measure concentrations of pollutants (metals) and determine if there is a relationship. The overall aim of the study is to examine potential human health risks associated with consumption of home produced chicken eggs on Melbourne soils. The project has received approval from the Ethics Committee.

    RMIT is looking for approximately 50-100 backyard chicken coops across Metropolitan Melbourne. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Dr Suzie Reichman at RMIT. If you know someone else who may be eligible, please pass this information on and ask them to contact RMIT.



    Young Professionals Seminar Presentation Opportunity



    ACLCA is excited to present our seventh SEMINAR PRESENTATION OPPORTUNITY tailored especially for Young Professionals on Tuesday 19 June from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at RMIT.

    What is it about?

    • Are you a Young Professional (YP – loosely defined as someone with less than 7 years’ experience)? If the answer is YES, then WE NEED YOU!
    • ACLCA is preparing an exciting event, where YP’s have the opportunity to deliver a short (10-15 mins) presentation, in front of CLM industry peers (ACLCA members).
    • This opportunity will help you develop confidence in public presentation and get your name known in the industry. These can be important factors in developing a successful consulting career.
    • The seminar opportunity will assist with honing your skills in delivery of a HIGH IMPACT presentation - consistent with a strategy for winning work or instilling confidence in regulators or clients.
    • GREAT PRIZES will be awarded to the top three participants, based on decisions made by our industry judging panel!


    • 1st: $1000 Cash Prize and…*Sponsorship to attend and present at the 2018 EcoForum Conference in Sydney*
    • 2nd: $500 Cash Prize
    • 3rd: $250 Cash Prize

    A great evening of presentations and networking opportunity.



    How will it work?

    • Expression of interest and email submission of abstracts due FRIDAY 11 May 2018
    • Presenters announced on FRIDAY 18 May 2018
    • Presentation evening on Tuesday 19 June 2018

    Note: Presentation topics may be technical in nature. However, topics such as client service, project coordination, regulatory issues or similar are very much supported! You needn’t be an expert on the topic, nor have all of the answers to have a go!  Please ensure some alignment to EcoForum themes

    What do we need you to do?

    Submit your expression of interest, along with a very brief abstract (basic outline of your intended topic) using the contact details below.   The number of presenters for the night will be limited to around six. ACLCA will notify presenters of acceptance of their abstract and any further requirements.



    Presentation topics will be based on a range of technical or otherwise, industry related topics.  Drinks and nibbles will be provided at the end of the presentations, providing opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and possibly have a chat with our presenters.
    General order for the event:

    • Presentations 530 – 700 pm - RMIT
    • Drinks and nibbles 700 – 830 pm – location TBA

    This event is FREE to attend and open to all ACLCA member companies and their employees. Please remember to register early via the ACLCA website as places will be limited.

    For further information, please contact Monika Janiak:
    [email protected]
    Ph 03 8687 82