• ACLCA Novice Professional Group Presentation

    Tuesday, 28 August 2018 WA

    ACLCA Novice Professional Group Presentation – Tuesday 28 August 2018

    Special NPG Event: Application of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003

    This event is co-host by Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) Contaminated Sites (CS) Officer, Lomus Capelli and accredited CS Auditor, Ivan Kwan. The presentation is aim at novice professional (<7 years’ experience) and will provide an overview of the Act and process for reporting and classifying sites.

    Overview of Program

    ·         Part 1 (of the Act) – Preliminary (Brief overview of Act, object and principles)

    ·         Part 2 – Reporting, classifying and recording sites

    o    When to report a site, who is responsible for reporting of the site, how do I report a site?

    o    Classification of sites (how does DWER classify sites, how quickly does this occur, types of classifications

    o    How do I know if a site has been classified (Contaminated Sites Database, Basic and / or Detailed Summary of Records)

    ·         Part 3 – Remediation of contaminated sites

    o    Person responsible for remediation

    ·         How is a site reclassified, Interest Only Deposited Plans (IODPs)?

    Lomus Capelli – DWER CS Officer

    Lomas is an environmental officer within the Contaminated Sites Branch of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. He graduated from Curtin University in 2008 with a degree in Environmental Science, majoring in Chemistry. Lomas then spent three years at Curtin University working on corrosion research and consultancy projects relating to the oil and gas industry before joining the Contaminated Sites team of the then Department of Environment and Conservation in 2011. As an Environmental Officer Lomas has substantial experience in the administration of the Contaminated Sites Act and associated regulations.

     Ivan Kwan – CS Auditor

    Ivan is a Senior Partner and Principal with Golder Associates.  He graduated from UWA as an Environmental Engineer with focus on stormwater treatment and nutrient removal using vegetation/phytoremediation.  Ivan has worked primarily in contaminated sites assessments for the last 18 years and became an Auditor in WA in 2012 and in SA in 2014.  He is the first Auditor to have worked through the complete Section 30 transfer of liability of contamination process under the Contaminated Sites Act and the first Auditor to carry out an Audit when the first Hazard Abatement Notice was issued. 


    DATE: Tuesday 28 August 2018

    TIME: 5.30 – 7pm (doors close at 6pm)

    VENUE: AECOM, GPO Building, Level 6, 3 Forrest Place.

    This session is open to ACLCA members only with less than 7 years’ experience,

    Please register via the ACLCA website.

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  • September Meeting 2018

    Wednesday, 12 September 2018 WA

    Ecoforum 2018 presentations - sneak peak by successful ACLCA-WA sponsored winners

    Liam Crellin of GHD and Richelle Bunbury of Coffey have been selected to present at Ecoforum in Sydney in October. ACLCA WA members, unable to travel to Sydney, are lucky to get a sneak peek at what Ecoforum has to offer.

    When: Wednesday, 12th September 2018

    Host Company: Coffey Environments

    Where: Lvl 1, Bishops See, 235 St Georges Tce, Perth

    Contact: Katie Hannah

    Rapid Field Investigation Of Contamination Impacts At Western Australian Firing Ranges Utilising X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) – Liam Crellin

    Liam is an Environmental Geoscientist within the Contamination Assessment and Remediation team at GHD in Perth, Western Australia. Liam's experience is largely within soil, groundwater and ground gas contaminated site assessments. He has just over three years experience in the contaminated land industry and has seen nearly every corner of WA through his field experience.


     The investigation targeted large-scale operational sites in Western Australia comprising multiple potential sources of contamination, with up to ten active and former firing ranges used for training purposes. The aim of the investigation was to characterise soil impacts, assess risks to human health and the environment, and determine any requirements for contamination risk mitigation measures. The use of the portable XRF instrument facilitated time efficient assessment of a number of large firing ranges that would have otherwise been conducted in multiple separate mobilisations. The collection of real-time metal data allowed the field team to spatially and vertically delineate soil impacts in the field, in addition to assessing stockpiles, drainage features and low-lying areas. This methodology resulted in decreased costs to the client and reduced safety risks relating to travel to and from remote sites. Although varying levels of correlation were observed between the XRF data and the laboratory data (analyte dependent), lead (considered to be the primary risk driver) generally exhibited a strong correlation.


    Geraldton Port – Groundwater Risk Assessment – Richelle Bunbury

    Richelle Bunbury is an Associate Environmental Scientist with Coffey in Perth. During her 13 year career she has worked on a range of complex environmental contamination assessments involving the development of strategic investigation strategies. Richelle also works regularly in a supporting role for WA accredited Contaminated Sites Auditors.


    Geraldton Port (the ‘site’) is comprised of a Commercial Shipping Harbour and Commercial Fleet Fishing Harbour and approximately 79 port-related commercial

    enterprises. Historical site investigations identified soil and groundwater contamination leading the site owners, Mid West Ports, to commission a port wide contaminated sites investigation, including review by a contaminated sites (CS) Auditor. Given the dynamic nature of the site as an operational port, site  investigations were risk based, as agreed between Coffey and the CS Auditor, focusing on potential exposure pathways and sensitive receptors, rather than

    complete site characterisation. The harbours are under tidal influence, with significant daily water exchange at the freshwater/saltwater interface, therefore to understand the ecological risk, a groundwater risk assessment (GRA) was undertaken focusing on the discharging nutrient load rather than localised groundwater concentrations.

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  • October Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2018

    Wednesday, 10th October 2018 WA

    When: Wednesday, 10th October 2018

    Host Company: Jacobs

    Where: Lvl 11, Durack Centre, 263 Adelaide Tce, Perth

    Contact: Mark Harris



    Update on ASS

    Presented by: Cameron Baldock, Coffey

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  • Schedule of Meetings 2018


    Refer to each month for all details on the meetings and presentations.




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    Sally Stevenson


    Stuart Jeffries


    Nicolo Jelovsek



    Ed Dennis


    Australian Environmental Auditors

    Peter Alderson


    Douglas Partners

    Rob Shapland


    Katie Hannah

    Mark Harris



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    Ron D'Ercole


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