Focus Areas

Risk AssessmentVIC

Chair, Katie Richardson (CH2M)

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Asbestos in SoilsVIC

Chair(s), Steve Bos (Prensa) and Corey Bannister (SKM)

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Environmental and Analytical ChemistryVIC

Chair, Dr Brent Davey, Principal Environmental Consultant, Monarc Environmental,

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Continuing Professional DevelopmentVIC

Chair, Clinton Smiljanic (WSP),

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Collaborative ResearchVIC

Chair, Christopher Sandiford (Senversa),

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Membership and EthicsVIC

Interim Chair, Clair Millar (GHD),
Chair, Catherine Bingham (Golder),

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Early Career ProfessionalsVIC

ECP is the term used to describe someone with less than 7 years’ experience in the industry. Prior to 2022 this term was referred to as Young Professional (YP). 

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Focus Areas Western Australian Branch

The ACLCA-WA focus is to:

  • Provide of a forum for compaines to deveop and respond to issues affecting the industry
  • Establish strong working relationship with regulatory authorities
  • Encourage acceptance of ACLCA WA as the peak industry body for contaminated sites consultants in Western Australia
  • Assist in the development of industry practices
  • Promote open exchange between members and interested entities
  • Provide information to external parties on the skills of member companies in the area of contaminated land management
  • Run industry training events
  • Coordinate professional development of younger members or potential members


Sub-committees under the ACLCA WA are:

  • Membership and ethics
  • Novice Professional Group
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Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCP Australia)

Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme

Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS)

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Novice Professional GroupWA

The Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association Western Australian - Novice Professional Group

The WA NPG focus area group is made up of contaminated land consultants within their first five years of consulting. The aim of the group is to provide the opportunity to network with other consultants within the industry, keep up to date with the goings on within our industry, attend monthly meetings and organize the ACLCA social functions! New events are always being introduced so joining the NPG allows individuals to have their say and assist with organising events and information sessions that will benefit ACLCA members.

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 Queensland auditor handbook for contaminated land

Revised contaminated land auditor handbook released

In consultation with the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association, a revised version of the Queensland auditor handbook for contaminated land is now available.

The handbook is an important resource for people who are, or want to become, auditors for contaminated land in Queensland. It also provides information to those people who investigate and write contaminated land investigation documents as well as providing the community with details about how contaminated land is regulated.

Environmental policy and legislation

2017 Queensland Government Public Service Commission

 “A summary of changes to departments of government”

The Public Service Departmental Arrangements Notice (No3) 2017 is made under the Public Service Act 2008

2017 Qld Government - A summary of changes to departments of government

Contaminated Land Resourses

  • Guidelines
  • Forms 
  • Information Sheets
  • Resources for suitably qualified persons

Managing Contaminated Land

  1. General environmental duty
  2. Duty to notify
  3. Removals and changes to land registers
  4. Reconfiguring land
  5. Buying and selling contaminated land


Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan

In accordance with the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, each Queensland Government department is required to have a strategic plan in place for dealing with the waste it generates by carrying out its activities. The plan outlines activities that will either reduce the amount and impact of departmental waste generated, or improve the way in which the department manages unavoidable waste.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2018–2024 (PDF, 443K)

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How and Why Join a FA?



ACLCA Victoria is looking for members to join our Focus Areas

Key Areas: Membership and Ethics, Regulatory Affairs and Audit, Continuing Professional Development and our newly proposed Remediation FA. 
The benefits of joining an ACLCA FA include:

  • Contribute to improved industry performance.
  • A great way to develop your career, industry profile and professional network.
  • Contribute to your Company’s industry profile.
  • Enhance your technical knowledge, confidence amongst peers and connection to key industry stakeholders.
  • Gain CPD recognition.
There is an ACLCA FA to suit most interests – with varying level of input required.
It would be great to see a few new faces in the mix.
To read up on what each FA does check out our FA pages. 
Please email Emily with your expression if interest at
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Remediation Focus Area


The Remediation Focus Area (Rem FA) aims to provide a forum for industry discussion, training and resources related to the remediation of contaminated land.

Objectives and Focus

  • To provide a forum for consultation on remediation practices, guidelines and regulation in order to provide greater consistency between member companies.
  • To increase awareness and understanding of remediation techniques, methodologies and applications through seminars and training sessions.
  • To act as a reference body for advice and consultation with regulatory authorities on remediation application and regulation.
  • Identify and facilitate training and professional development related to contaminated land remediation – in support of ACLCA and the Professional Development Subcommittee. 

How you can join

The Rem FA aims to meet approximately 8 times a year, at approximately 6-week intervals. Membership of the FA is open to any individual who is associated with or employed by an ACLCA member company who has an interest in this topic.  The FA is not intended to be a marketing vehicle – rather, its output is intended to be available to, and to benefit, all member companies in the Association.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining the committee or have any suggestions, please contact the Chairperson, Keith Maxfield, via email or on 0428 067 143, or via the ACLCA Executive Officer, Emily Burke at

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Modules for Contaminated Land Consultants.QLD

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The Executive Committee are pleased to introduce 2021-22 ACLCA Young Professionals Sub-committee 

Co-chair Sam Watt (PSK Environmental)

ACLCA Young Professionals are encouraged to actively participate in the YPSc.

The YPSc will consist of two Co-chairs (as nominated) and an unlimited number of YP Sub-committee Members.

The roles are annual roles with positions finalised at the AGM in July each year.

The Co-chairs and YPSc Members will need to sign a pledge showing their understanding and commitment to the roles and responsibilities of the position.

Please sign and submit the nomination form to join the YPSc. Nominations Form

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