February Technical Seminar


February Technical Seminar for Members - Wednesday 26th February 2020

Topic:  Removing Contaminated Sites from the “Too-Hard Basket”, One Technology at a Time

Venue:  Coffey - Level 19, Tower B, Citadel Tower, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood.

Time: 5.30 pm drinks and nibbles, 6.00 pm presentation begins.

Coffey Contact: Nicole Cheung - 0437-869759
Smouldering Combustion – Low-Energy Thermal Destruction of Soil Contaminants
Smouldering combustion is a novel, low-energy thermal remediation technology, originally developed for the treatment of heavy-end hydrocarbons and coal tar in soil and sediment and oily tank sludge residuals. Recentresearch indicates that a modified version of the technology can effectively destroy PFAS in soil, with potential for broader application to PFAS-saturated GAC, investigation derived waste and foam concentrates. An overview ofthe technology theory and application will be presented, including discussion of recent laboratory treatability trial results for PFAS.

Electrokinetic Remediation – It Works, so Why Aren’t We Using it More?
Electrokinetic remediation has been demonstrated to be suitable for a wide range of contaminants (inorganics as well as organics) as well as for pore water manipulation and mine tailings dewatering. Laboratory, pilot and fullscale applications will be presented and discussed, and the strengths and limitations of the technique will be examined. Current active research areas will be explored as well as a discussion on the applicability of thetechnology to the unique Australian market.

About our Presenters
Dr. David Reynolds is a Senior Principal and a WA DWER Contaminated Sites Auditor with Geosyntec Consultants, whose practice focuses on the development and implementation of effective remediation and managementstrategies for complex and challenging contaminated sites. Dr. Reynolds specializes in fundamental conceptual model development through novel, critical and effective field investigation and remediation technologydevelopment leading to cost-effective and technically sound remediation strategies.
Dr. Lange Jorstad is a Principal and a NSW EPA accredited Site Auditor with Geosyntec Consultants, who specialises in contaminant hydrogeology and aqueous geochemistry. When he’s not auditing, Dr. Jorstad’s practicefocuses on developing sound technical advice and regulatory strategies for managing complex contamination issues.

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