Young Achiever Award 2021

One of our most important annual events, the ACLCA NSW 2021 Young Achiever Award Presentations, is being held at 2.00pm on Wednesday 28th July 2021.  This year we received a phenomenal 12 abstracts, and out of these, four have been selected for presentation, with the winner receiving $1000 in cash, their name on the coveted trophy and an opportunity to present at Virtual Ecoforum in October.
All 12 abstracts received this year were of exceptional quality and covered a range of very interesting topics, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit.  They not only demonstrate that the future of our industry is bright, but also that our young professionals are being given the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects!  Each of the abstracts were anonymous and evaluated independently by members of the ACLCA NSW Executive Committee, excluding those with a conflict of interest.  Although choosing only four for presentation was difficult, those listed below were selected: 


Jacqueline Connor, Prensa:        “Cow Gastric Juice, Bioaccessibility and You!  Utilising a Contaminant’s Bioaccessibility to Determine Site-Specific HILs”

Jessica Roy, AECOM:                    “Historical Data Mining: A Modern-day Pot of Gold”

Michelle Agnew, Senversa:         “Cross-border Environment Management – a Case For a National Approach”

Michael Ashelford, Arcadis:        “Complex Investigations – Lessons Learned from a Digital Perspective”.


After each presentation there will be a 5 minute Q&A session which will give the presenter an opportunity to answer questions from the audience about their presentation.  Members can ask their questions via the ‘chat’ option which will be available during the webinar.


The presentations will be judged by the following representatives from our industry:

  • Anthea White: Anthea is the NSW EPA Unit Head Contaminated Land Advice and Audit
  • Alex Pulkownik: Alex is the coordinator of CSARM courses run by UTS and is an academic eco-toxicologist
  • Brad May, Epic Environmental: NSW EPA accredited auditor
  • James Davis, Enviroview: NSW EPA accredited auditor


Webinar Details

As previously advised, this event will be run as a virtual event via MS Teams.  
If your company does not use MS Teams, you can watch it online through your browser or you can download the free MS Teams app.  

Webinar link has been emailed directly to ACLCA NSW members.

CPD Points

As with all ACLCA NSW technical seminars, you can accrue CPD points for ‘attendance’ at our webinars. However, if you are joining the webinar via the app or browser or login in as a ‘guest’, your name will not appear on the attendance list so you will need to type your name and company into the chat option before the event finishes in order for us to note this for CPD purposes. 

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