Industry Links

NSW EPA - Statutory Guidelines 

NSW EPA  Site Auditor Scheme 

NSW EPA - Contaminated Land

NSW EPA - Managing Contaminated Land in NSW

NSW Government PFAS Investigation Program

Australian Government - Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment - PFAS National Environmental Management Plan

UTS Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation and Management Courses (CSARM) (ACLCA NSW members receive a discounted registration rate for these courses).


ITRC - Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council

ITRC - updated guidance document on PFAS (updated December 2021)

ITRC - PFAS workshop with ALGA - 14.11.2022 - webinar recording

ITRC - Documents

ITRC - Internet-based training

ITRC - Vapour Intrusion Mitigation guidance website

ITRC - 1,4 Dioxane Guidance website

US EPA CLU-IN - providing information about innovative treatment and site characterisation technologies while acting as a forum for all waste remediation stakeholders


Industry Accreditation Schemes:

CEnvP - Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme

CPSS CSAM - Certified Professional Soil Scientist - specialist certification in Contaminated Site Assessment and Management