26th April 2018- Soil Science Australia event

Topic: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminated soils such as those found in Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) soils present a range of environmental risks. These soils require costly and lengthy remediation to reduce PAH concentrations to meet regulatory guidelines. A sequential co-composting experiment using moderately PAH contaminated soils was used to assess whether a co-composting remediation strategy could be applied and optimised to decrease PAH concentrations in long term aged soils from historical MGP sites. Throughout the experiment, under optimised composting conditions, non-significant reductions in PAH concentration were observed. The limitations of co-composting was then further explored in a number of additional experiments including microbial assessments and the application of pre-treatments to the soil. It was shown throughout the studies that the limited bioaccessibility (accessibility of the compounds for microbial degradation) of the PAHs was the major limitation for the efficacy of remediation using the co-composting strategy.

Calvin Leech has recently completed his PhD in Soil Remediation (in February 2018) in the School of Environmental and Rural Science at the University of New England under the supervision of Assoc Prof Susan Wilson. He has previously worked as an Environmental Advisor for Rio Tinto Coal and is currently working as a Soil Scientist with Bene Terra.


When: Thursday 26th April 2018

Time:  6pm nibbles for a 7pm meeting

Where: Ecosciences Precinct, 41 Boggo Road, Dutton Park

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