30th July 2021 Abstracts close - SPONSORSHIP - ACLCA Young Professionals Session at EcoForum 2021



A Young Professional from each ACLCA State Chapter will be awarded an opportunity to present at the virtual ACLCA YP session at Ecoforum. ACLCA Qld Sponsorship also provides opportunity to attend at the conference in person at EcoForum 19th – 21st October 2021. https://landandgroundwater.com/page/duo-econference-event

ACLCA Qld sponsorship includes $1500 Cash Prize to attend at EcoForum and costs towards accommodation and flights *


This opportunity will help you develop confidence in public/virtual presentation and get your name known in the industry. These can be important factors in developing a successful consulting career.

How it works.

·       Film your oral Abstract presentation (10-15 minutes) and submit film with a copy of your written abstract to Executive Officer, Jennifer Ingham at qld@aclca.com.au, no later than Friday 30th July 2021. A drop box file will be set up for submission of presentation videos.  

·       Abstracts can be on any topic and should be based on your own work activity related  to the contaminated land field as a consultant and not past work (such as university projects etc) and demonstrate the value of the material to the audience.

·       Presentation winner is based on decisions made by ACLCA Qld industry judging panel.

·       Winner of ACLCA Qld YP sponsorship announced on Thursday 5th August 2021 at the Bi-Monthly Networking Meeting.  

·       *You should seek to confirm early with your company’s management that you will be able to attend EcoForum 2021 should you win the sponsorship, and that any additional expenses above the $1500 prize will be covered by your company. We also request that you confirm your ability to attend at the time of submitting your abstract

EcoForum Conference conditions of entry.

·       For the purpose of the Young Professionals Session at EcoForum you must be a young professional with less than 7 years industry experience and less than 35 years old.

·       Abstracts with a pronounced commercial or marketing tone will not be accepted.

·       Abstracts that have been presented at other conferences may also not be accepted.


How to submit your written abstract.

Title Keywords: min 3 words

Abstracts cannot exceed one page and are to be submitted as Microsoft® Word files. abstracts should be on-topic, based on the conference themes, demonstrate the value of the material to the audience. It is important Abstracts are well-written and clearly and concisely outline the material proposed for presentation.

Title and Author Block Format. Paper size is A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) margins are 2.5 cm on all sides. Font is always Arial. Format the title as shown at the top of this page and then reset the font to 12-point Arial. Leave a blank line before the author list. Format the author list as shown above. Underline the name of the corresponding/presenting author and insert e-mail address. After the author list, insert the Session Theme to which the abstract is most relevant, followed by a list of keywords (minimum of three). The remaining text is 11-point Arial.

Background/Objectives. State the problems, situations, and objectives that led to the work that would be presented at the Conference. For pilot- or field-scale work, briefly summarize the history, climate, and other pertinent conditions of the site(s). If the site(s) cannot be named for reasons of confidentiality, provide enough information to establish context.

Approach/Activities. Describe the project scale (e.g. laboratory, field) and identify the scientific principles, technology or combination of technologies being studied.


Results/Lessons Learned. Mention any results that can be discussed now and describe the types of data and analyses expected to be available at the time of presentation 

Speaker Biography (brief 60 words) 

Please note: should your abstract (be awarded sponsorship winner) this will also be used by the chairperson of the session, to introduce you.


Please refer all queries to 



Jennifer Ingham

Executive Officer


0421 714 449 
qld@aclca.com.au / www.aclca.org.au


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