8th October 2020 ACLCA Technical Session Webinar 12.00 - 1.00pm

Date: 8th October 2020

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

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1. Presentation 12.00-12.30pm

Topic: Microplastics in the Environment 

Presenter: Angela Capper, PhD 

Research Fellow | Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre 

Plastic pollution is a ubiquitous global issue with an average of 8 million metric tonnes entering our oceans annually. Over time, plastic disintegrates into increasingly smaller pieces by physical abrasion from wave action, photodegradation or biological processes. These secondary microplastics (<5 mm) are much less conspicuous and are transported through pelagic and benthic zones, dependent upon their density and biofouling. They consist of fibres, fragments and particles, which sorb multiple toxic contaminants posing a risk to incidental consumers. Microplastics have now been found in every aquatic ecosystem and in a range of organisms with potential implications for human health. At CMERC we will be the investigating prevalence, longevity, fate and dispersal through different habitats and potential risks to consumers.  

Angela has 21 years’ experience working in the field of marine ecotoxicology with a strong focus on anthropogenic pollutants (microplastics, aquaculture therapeutants, heavy metals) and microalgal toxins (Harmful Algal Blooms and Ciguatera Fish Poisoning) and their impact upon ecosystems and potential risk to human health. She has a strong interest in trophic dynamics associated with toxin transfer and seafood security.  


2. Presentation 12.30-1.00pm

Case study - Remediated Soil Beneficial Reuse Between a Sportsfield/Landfill and Solvents Industrial Remediation Site

Presenter: Michael Nicholls    

Managing Director / Principal Environmental, Scientist iEnvironmental Australia 

Michael Nicholls is a contaminated land specialist with more than 20 years of industry experience in Australia, China and the Middle East with experience in managing multibillion-dollar (and much much smaller) remediation projects.

Michael more recently returned to Brisbane and started iEnvironmental Australia with offices in QLD, NSW and VIC and is very keen on innovation in contaminated sites, including beneficial reuse of waste.



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