Membership to ACLCA in Queensland is open to businesses which can demonstrate that their:

  • primary business is consulting to external clients; and
  • business activities include a substantial practice in land contamination management, with specialist environmental staff employed to perform full-time in the area of land contamination management and 
  • company has at least 1 staff member that is a Suitably Qualified Person in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994. 

All company members are bound by the ACLCA Code of Practice

For further information,including membership fees and Code of Practice refer to the following the link-

Company Membership Application

Qld Chapter Code of Practice 

Applications should be submitted via email to Jennifer Ingham Executive Officer ( and will be forwarded to the Membership and Ethics Sub-Committee for review.

The Associate Membership

ACLCA Qld Constitution was amended in 2013 to allow for Associate members to join ACLCA Qld. Associate membership was considered as a result of changes to the contaminated land industry with an increase in independent operating Consultants and Auditors. A number of industries involved with contaminated land issues also employ former contaminated land consultants that may benefit from an Associate Membership. 

Please review the document links to review details of the Associate Membership Model.

Associate Membership Application

Qld Chapter Associate Membership Code of Practice 

ACLCA Qld Associate Membership Flyer

Applications should be submitted via email to Jennifer Ingham, Executive Officer ( and will be forwarded to the Membership and Ethics Sub-Committee for review.

Membership and Ethics Sub-Committee 

The Role of the Membership and Ethics Sub-Committee is to support the Executive Committee in:

1.         Establishment of Full and Associate Membership criteria.

2.         Understanding and managing the ACLCA membership protocols including:

  • application and approval of membership;
  • handling of complaints/grievances regarding performance of Member companies; and
  • appropriate actions by ACLCA in response to identified unacceptable practices or work quality from member businesses.

3.         Providing assistance to the Committee in processing membership applications.

4.         Consulting with the Committee in situations where ethical issues arise.

The Queensland M&E Sub-Committee meet on an as-needs basis and communicate as required.

Current members are:

Helen Jones (WSP - ACLCA Executive Committee Vice President)

Cameron Kay (Core Consultants –ACLCA  Executive Committee Member)

Paul Anderson (IMEMS)

David Harris (WSP)

Kylie Bradley (JBS&G)