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  • ACLCA Early Career Professionals presentation session at 2022 CleanUp Conference


    Each State ACLCA was represented by our Early Career Professionals (ECP) to present at a special ACLCA ECP session at this year's International CleanUp Conference in Adelaide, 11-15 September 2022. 

    Congratulations to the following five ACLCA state finalists who won a place to present at the ACLCA ECP session at International CleanUp Conference in Adelaide 2022

    All State ECPs were great ambassadors for our industry. There was a lot of great technical content being shared. Well done everyone.

    Larissa Willoughby, AEA and ACLCA National Chair, ran a very successful panel discussion with the ECP presenters, which gave some terrific insights into our industry and the ACLCA. 

    ACLCA Queensland
    Reece Zonta (Aurecon), GIS to Advance Site Characterisation

    ACLCA Victoria
    Naomi Leclere (Aurecon), Impacts of pharmaceutical drugs and clandestine laboratories on the environment, offering a conceptual site model on their mode of interacting with humans.

    ACLCA South Australia
    Angus Smart (Fyfe), Vapour Mitigation Case Study - Accelerated Response to Imminent Health Risk (availability to present at CleanUp TBC) 

    ACLCA Western Australia 
    Ben Chaine (360 Environmental), Defining best-practice asbestos remediation in a changing regulatory framework – A case study in land development

    ACLCA New South Wales 
    Ola Rachid (GHD), Data control practices for out-of-your-control sites: technological approaches to manage large, complex data sets

    ECP presentation photos

  • Cancellation Policy - EFTPOS Facilities available


    ACLCA Qld Cancellation Policy was updated an endorsed on the 9th May 2022.

    Cancellation Policy: Invoices < $150.00 - 10% admin fee will be charged for cancellation, with full payment required for non-attendance or notification of cancellation within 48 hours of the day of the event

    Cancellation Policy: Invoices $150.00 plus - 10% admin fee will be charged for cancellation, with full payment required for non-attendance or notification of cancellation within 5 business days of the day of the event

    In the event of cancellation due to Covid related matters, the Cancellation Policy will be assessed.


    ONLINE CREDIT CARD Facilities available.

    A new online payment system for credit cards is now available 

    Credit Card Surcharge 1.75% applies 



    Please refer queries to 


    Jennifer Ingham

    Executive Officer

    ACLCA Qld
    PO Box 3166 TARRAGINDI  QLD  4121

    0421 714 449 /


  • CPD records research - ACLCA Members


    CPD records research.

    On request, ACLCA Executive Officer, Jennifer Ingham will be able to research attendance records at courses and events for ACLCA Members for purpose of CPD records.  

    There will be search fee charge of $50 per hour or part thereof. The search record details will include

    ·         event type - meeting/forum or course

    ·         date

    ·         details of Presenters and presentation topics/forums

    Jennifer Ingham Executive Officer

    ACLCA Qld M: 0421 714 449 E: 

  • Queensland Auditor Handbook for Contaminated Land


    The handbook is an important resource for people who are, or want to become, auditors for contaminated land in Queensland. It also provides information to those people who investigate and write contaminated land investigation documents as well as providing the community with details about how contaminated land is regulated.



    ACLCA Young Professionals presented at a special seminar series at EcoForum 2021. Winners of ACLCA Young Professionals awards in Victoria, NSW, WA and SA presented online and inperson presentations on projects that have interested them, challenged them and are shaping their careers in contaminated site management. This is a great opportunity to hear from our future leaders!

    Congratualtions Samantha Watt, Qld YP representative a great experience.

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  • 31st March 2022 Women in Contaminated Land Industry Networking Breakfast


    ACLCA Qld was excited to hold our 2nd networking event for Women in Contaminated Land Industry, oordinated by members of the Executive Committee, Georgina Kerr (Aurecon), Leanne Griffith (GHD) and Lisa Powell (GHD).

    Our panel of fabulous women presented on pre questions submitted by members on the theme of the event.

    Theme: Power of Connection: How to improve our mental resilience, confidence and networking as women in contaminated land.

    Our panel:

    Patrice Brown, CQG Consulting Company Director/ Founder

    Dr Kylie Bradley, JBS&G Principal Contaminated Land Team Lead /ACLCA Qld M&ESc

    Helen Jones, WSP Technical Executive CLM / ACLCA Qld President

    Dr Anna Sheldon, Environmental Earth Sciences Principal Soil Scientist

    Our first networking event for Women in Contaminated Land Industry was held on the 21st October 2021, coordinated by members of the Executive Committee, Georgina and Leanne.

    This event was a tremedous succss.The overall consensus was to keep the momentum going and hold this event again as soon as possible. There is definitely more conversations to be had.

    A big thank you to the panel of impressive women invited to discuss their “Shared experiences of progressing careers within CLM industry” at the 21st October event.

    Refer details and resources from 21st October 2021. ACLCA


  • 2022-2023 ACLCA Early Career Professionals Subcommittee (ECPSc)


    2022-2023 ACLCA Early Career Professionals Subcommittee (ECPSc)

    Chair Mikayla Cover (JBS&G)

    ACLCA Early Career Professionals are encouraged to actively participate in the ECPSc.

    The ECPSc will consist of two Co-chairs or one Chair and an unlimited number of ECP Subcommittee Members.

    The roles are annual roles with positions finalised at the AGM in July each year.

    The Co-chairs and ECPSc Members will need to sign a pledge showing their understanding and commitment to the roles and responsibilities of the position. New positions open in June 2023

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  • 2023 Calendar Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Modules for Contaminated Land Consultants.


    One of the core values and aims of ACLCA is to provide relevant, topical and up-to-date training and professional development to its members, so that individuals within member companies can and will maintain and improve the technical and professional standards and skills of member companies.

    ACLCA Qld will continue running foundation training in 2023 on Environmental Site Assessment geared towards graduates and new entries into the industry. ACLCA is confident that the training covers all major aspects of the contaminated land practice at a level of detail suitable for practitioners new to the field. 


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