2022-2023 ACLCA Early Career Professionals Subcommittee (ECPSc)

2022-2023 ACLCA Early Career Professionals Subcommittee (ECPSc)

2022-2023 Chair - Mikayla Cover (JBS&G)

ACLCA Early Career Professionals are encouraged to actively participate in the ECPSc.

The ECPSc will consist of two Co-chairs or one Chair and an unlimited number of ECP Subcommittee Members.

The roles are annual roles with positions finalised at the AGM in July each year.

The Co-chairs and ECPSc Members will need to sign a pledge showing their understanding and commitment to the roles and responsibilities of the position. New positions open in June 2023


Attend and participate in the ECP meetings 

Carry out tasks to prepare and coordnate  ACLCA Member Xmas Party 

Assist in organising other early career professionals events and activities such as industry tours, meet the auditors event or similar event under the direction of the Co-chairs

 Contribute industry information or articles to ACLCA’s quarterly e-newsletter

Complete other assignments as requested by the Co-chair/s



Mikayla Cover - CHAIR 
Aurecon Bonnie Rose 
Aurecon Lewis Arnold
Aurecon Courtney Hoskins
Aurecon Kristyn Numa
Core Consultants  Tegan Jarvis 
EES Zoe Baxter 
Epic Andrew Hughes 
EES  Samuel Weiss 
Epic  Bella Foster 
Epic  Grace Perkins
GHD  Clement Joyner 
GHD  Tyla Howells
Jacobs  Ashlee Baines 
PSK Tess Watson
PSK  Samantha Watt
PSK  Allana Raph