DES-Updated - Submission form for a contaminated land investigation document, submission form

12 May 2022 Environmental Services and Regulation Department of Environment and Science

Updated version 2.06 of the Submission form for a contaminated land investigation document  is available on the Department’s website via the links below.

A summary of the changes made are outlined below:

  • Section 7. Mandatory supporting information – Clarified when a DES form must be used when providing mandatory supporting information.   
  • Submission checklist – To facilitate internal processing of a CLID submission, mandatory supporting information that is not included as a separate document (i.e. the information is included within the CLID or auditor certification report) must now include a reference to the title and page number of the document where the information is located.  
  • How to submit a contaminated land investigation document and mandatory supporting information – Requirements made more concise.