CRC CARE is currently in the process of developing a National Remediation Framework (NRF) for site contamination practitioners and regulators. This process has involved substantial work over the past five years, with strategic guidance and oversight provided through the National Remediation Framework Steering Group, including representatives of State and Territory environmental agencies as well as industry and other parties.

According to the CRC CARE website (https://www.crccare.com/knowledge-sharing/national-remediation-framework), the NRF comprises a series of documents that will:

· complement the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure;

· harmonise guidance and best practice in the remediation and management of contaminated sites in Australia;

· be congruent with the harmonisation objectives of the former COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water;

· not be legally binding;

· not impinge on the policy and decision-making prerogatives of the states and territories; and

· adopt a modular approach so that it may be readily updated as circumstances require.

The final draft of the NRF was completed in November 2018 and CRC CARE are currently completing a national roadshow to showcase, and request feedback on, these documents – this is the final consultation period on the NRF and any feedback is required (via the NRF final consultation submission form) by 31 March 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Further information on the NRF can be obtained from the CRC CARE website (https://www.crccare.com/knowledge-sharing/national-remediation-framework) or by emailing Dr Joytishna Jit at joytishna.jit@crccare.com