Environmental and Analytical Chemistry



This group sees chemicals, and chemistry, as the fundamental raison d’etre for ACLCA and the activities of contaminated land consultants.  Consequently, the Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Focus Area (EAC FA) addresses issues related to environmental and analytical chemistry in the contaminated land industry.


Objectives and Focus

  • A common understanding of analytical methodology available for contaminated land investigations
  • Industry standards for laboratory service and data deliverables
  • Industry standards for performing data validation and interpretation
  • Industry standards for documenting data validation processes in ESA reports
  • The behaviour of contaminants in the environment, and implications for their detection

In addition, the EAC FA aims to provide an appropriate forum to facilitate the following:

  • Training for junior members (suggest incorporating into the "Introduction to Environmental Site Assessment" modules)
  • Function as primary liaison between ACLCA and laboratory service providers
  • Function as primary liaison between Government Agencies, with view to active participation in review of Guidance documents, NEPM etc.
  • Supporting all members of the Association in relation to the chemistry of contaminants in the environment.

How you can join

The EAC FA aims to meet approximately 8 times a year, at approximately 6-week intervals. Membership of the FA is open to any individual who is associated with or employed by an ACLCA member company who has an interest in the topic.  The FA is not intended to be a marketing vehicle – rather, its output is intended to be available to, and to benefit, all member companies in the Association.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, joining the committee or have any suggestions, please contact the Chair person, Dr Brent Davey, via the ACLCA email or on 0412 186 070.