Membership and Ethics

The Role of the Membership and Ethics focus area is to support the Executive Committee in:

1.         Establishment of  membership criteria.

2.         Understanding and managing the ACLCA membership protocols including:

  • application and approval of membership;
  • handling of complaints/grievances regarding performance of Member companies; and
  • appropriate actions by ACLCA in response to identified unacceptable practices or work quality from member businesses. 

3.         Providing assistance to the Committee in processing membership applications.

4.         Consulting with the Committee in situations where ethical issues arise.


The Victorian M&E focus group meet on an as-needs basis and communicate as required.

Current members are:

  • Rory McPhillips, Chair (Atma)
  • Catherine Bingham (Golder)
  • Clair Millar (GHD)
  • Glenn Berry (Atma)
  • Andrew Mellet (Beveridge Williams)
  • Shin Yi Siew (GHD)


We are looking for new members to join the M&E FA Committee. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Chairperson Rory McPhillips via