Regulatory Affairs and Audit

This group aims to monitor regulatory issues relevant to the members of ACLCA, and to represent and promote the interests of the membership in dealings with regulatory authorities, consistent with the ACLCA Code of Practice.

1.  To monitor and evaluate the status of regulations (including laws, policy, guidelines and standards) relevant to contaminated land assessment and remediation and to keep members informed on proposed changes to, or development of new regulations.

2.  To provide a focus for any reviews by ACLCA of changes to existing regulations or during development of new regulations with the purpose of improving the effectiveness of such regulations.

3.  To provide a focus for ACLCA and its members to consider the need for new (or amendments to existing) regulations or guidelines, and to be proactive in initiating discussion with, and action by, regulators.

4.  To provide a forum for Auditors to have an input into regulatory affairs, and to ensure the views presented by ACLCA on regulatory matters consider the full context of the industry.

5.  To assist the President in representing the views of ACLCA on regulatory matters.

6.   6.  To identify sources of information on relevant regulations, guidelines and related aspects, for the benefit of the membership.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the RAA FA, please contact the Chairperson Robyn Madsen via