Membership to ACLCA in Victoria is open to businesses which can demonstrate that their:

  • primary business is consulting to external clients; and
  • business activities include a substantial practice in land contamination management, with specialist environmental staff employed to perform full-time in the area of land contamination management.

For further information click here to view our Membership Application Form.

Membership applications must be submitted via email to and will be reviewed by ACLCA's Membership and Ethics Sub-Committee.  This sub-committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee for approval of membership, or otherwise.  Provided that the required information is submitted with the initial application, this process usually takes approximatley 3 months.

Existing ACLCA members and new members (with applications already accepted by the executive committee) may chose to renew annual subscriptions using the section below.

Current membership rates are provided below:

No. of Staff* Joining Fee 2020/21 Annual Dues
5 staff or less $480.00 $972.00
6 to 15 staff $960.00 $1.945.00
16 to 25 staff $1,440.00 $2,917.00
26 to 35 staff $1,920.00 $3,889.00
36 to staff or more $2,400.00 $4,862.00

*   Full-time equivalent working in contaminated land practice