EnviSMART - Podcasts, Student Abstracts & More...

ACLCA Victoria is proud to continue its support of Season 3 - EnviSMART Series (The Environmental Science Meeting for Australian Research Teams). The EnviSMART Seminar Series will now continue to run  until December 2022 and is a national online forum held monthly Thursdays 16:00 – 17:00 AEST and is hosted by the Australian Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC) at the University of Melbourne. EnviSMART is an opportunity for environmental science professionals and researchers to share science and network through this COVID period and restricted travel.

In addition to the series, you can also tune into the EnviSMART Podcast (SpotifyiTunes). The EnviSMART podcast is a light-hearted discussion with environmental science professionals to hear about their perspective on life, culture, and the world around us. Rarely in science do we talk to the people that generate the science, nor do we get an opportunity to hear about the ideas that motivate them. Now more than ever, when the world rebuilds post COVID-19, it is important for wide ranging discussions on politics, faith, family, diversity, health, and happiness to guide our communities into better ways of living. Hosted by Brad Clarke (UniMelb) and ACLCA's Chair of Collaborative Research Focus Area, Chris Sandiford (Senversa).

Presentation opportunities are available as a part of this program. If you are a student and interested in presenting in the EnviSMART series, ACLCA Victoria encourages you to consider submitting your abstract. For further detail see here.

The following link provides additional details regarding the seminar series https://alec.science.unimelb.edu.au/sample-page/envismart/