Validation of PFAS soil treatment technologies

Dear Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLA),

Under the General Environmental Duty (GED), duty-holders must demonstrate the effectiveness of their method for treating PFAS contaminated soil.

EPA Victoria is developing new guidance to clarify the information duty-holders should provide when submitting this evidence. The new guidance document is titled 

  “Validation of PFAS soil treatment technologies”

  • This new technical guidance is intended to assist industry with the planning and implementation of PFAS soil treatment approaches.
  • Specifically, it will provide best practice information on the validation of PFAS soil treatment approaches.
  • The technical guide is intended to support existing best practice frameworks and EPA approval processes.
  • The technical guide is providing a best practice framework applicable to all possible treatment technologies.


The new guidance is currently being drafted.

  • A full draft is scheduled to be released for external feedback / engagement in approx. October 2022.
  • Final publication of the guidance is scheduled for early 2023.


Stakeholder input is central to the development process.

  • There will be multiple opportunities or stakeholders to provide input and help shape this guidance.
  • EPA are inviting external stakeholders to provide early feedback / input on the development of the new guidance.
  • The presentation slides provide further information on the new technical guidance including an overview of the purpose objective, scope, structure and proposed key content.
  • The presentation slides outline the specific items we are seeking early feedback on.


We are happy to receive written responses from individuals or as a combined company or association response. We are also happy to consider a presentation / meeting with a focus group of representatives.

We are seeking early feedback on the new guidance publication by 15 July 2022.


Please provide your feedback to:

Adam Wightwick

Senior R and D Officer – Land and Waste Sciences

Ph: (03) 9194 5104


Shahbaz Aftab

Senior R and D Officer – Land and Waste Sciences

Ph: (03) 9695 2646