ACLCA Victoria - Annual General Meeting 2022

Below are the following documents relating to the AGM:

Pre AGM (Nomination process) 

The ACLCA executive committee consists of four elected office bearers and five elected ordinary committee members (plus the Immediate Past President). Office bearers serve for only one year in any office. Ordinary committee members serve for two years. Only one representative from any member company may hold an elected committee position at any time.

All Office-bearer positions will be declared vacant at the AGM, and in addition, two ordinary committee member positions will be vacant. Therefore, nominations are sought for the following offices:
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Ordinary Committee member

Please note that the executive committee as part of its responsibility to consider succession planning may make recommendations and endorse candidates for the positions of office-bearers.

NOMINATIONS CLOSE 5.00PM ON Thursday 20 October 2022

Please note:
* Nomination forms will only be accepted from nominees, proposers and seconders who are paid-up members at the time of lodgment.
* Member companies will only be eligible to vote conditional upon receipt of payment of all outstanding membership fees by 20 October.