YP Testimonials 2020

In 2020 successful state YP winners were awarded with the opportunity to present at the virtual CleanUp Conference in October.

Below are their testimonials of this experience and to view their Powerpoint presentations please visit this link:




Shimona Babra - AECOM
- A Data Gap Evaluation: The value of existing information to achieve re-classification

"This year’s 2020 Eco forum was different as imagined. ALGA launching there first online virtual conference!  Although it did not have the same feel as being in person and being able to discuss various aspects of the presentation and or the opportunity to site and learn from new people.

It was a great experience. I was nervous going into this and wasn’t sure I wanted to even do it in the first place, but once you overcome that fear and set your mind to it it’s interesting how much you actually enjoy the topic and presenting the top. Doesn’t matter whether it may be in person or online, this was a great step in my career being able to present Infront of my fellow peers and to hear what my fellow peers had to say.

Overall, I would recommend any young professional scared to step out of there comfort zone to do so, you gain so much from taking such a small step!"



Joshua Edwards - Kleinfelder
- Analysis of PFAS: Graphical representation of trends, attenuation and source zones 

"It was great to be involved and have the opportunity to be at the 2020 EcoForum conference, and to be presenting as well. Although it was different and challenging to have the conference online organizers and everyone involved did a great job of delivering a well-rounded and engaging online experience. It was fantastic to hear other live presentations and be able to listen to the pre-recorded sessions at your leisure. 

Although I was very nervous at the beginning of my presentation, once I got past the first couple of slides I felt more comfortable. It was amazing to hear the other YP presentations and listen to the opportunities and projects that they have worked on. I had amazing support from my colleges at Kleinfelder for getting involved and going out of my comfort zone to put my hand up and present. I didn’t think I would be presenting at such a large conference at this stage in my career, but am glad I took the leap.

I look forward to the next opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and grow both personally and professionally.  Overall the online EcoForum conference experience was great and I look forward to the next one."


Claire Fitzpatrick - AECOM
- Mine closure and contaminated land: Challenges to be overcome by the Latrobe Valley Mine

"The opportunity to be a part of the ACLCA Young Professionals Seminar Presentation really boosted my career outlook. Researching and presenting on a topic boosted my confidence in my ability to understand and convey complex technical information, an important skill for a consultant. It was also an opportunity for me to reach out for help from my networks, which reminded me of the wealth of knowledge and support available to me in my career going forward.

Getting the chance to present at EcoForum was a real bonus – my first conference! Even though the conference was virtual this year, I felt I got a lot of exposure to other consultants and my professional network has expanded because of that.

Ultimately the ACLCA YP Presentations opportunity was a really positive experience, and one I would certainly recommend to anyone looking to expand their capabilities in presenting, as well as their professional networks."


Meg Coles - Senversa
- Benefits of process-based perspectives for better data collection by field staff 

“Having recently joined the industry and not having attended a Young Professionals event before, I was nervous about submitting an abstract for the NSW ACLCA Young Achievers and also giving the presentation after being selected. Presenting online was another added factor of uncertainty, as I had no idea how many people were watching or would be interested in what I had to say about my experience in joining the contaminated land industry. However, following the presentation multiple people messaged to congratulate me or added me on LinkedIn.

The opportunity to present at the Virtual Eco-Forum 2020 Conference was also an amazing experience that allowed me to present to a National audience, as well as to watch many interesting presentations about different aspects of the industry that I have yet to learn about. It was a fantastic experience for learning and understanding the industry, as well as sharing my experiences with other young professionals.

The live presentation was very friendly and encouraging, and has made me feel more confident about my experience as a graduate contaminated land consultant. Overall, although this process was shifted to an online platform, this experience has been very beneficial and one that am grateful to have been part of. It has improved my confidence of my ability to succeed within the industry whilst simultaneously learning more from industry leaders. ”